My style of cooking is all about using simple ingredients and layering textures and flavours to create dishes that are interesting and hit every spot.

I’m passionate about teaching others how to do this! It’s a way of cooking that people are truly receptive to, that they understand, and they like. It just clicks and makes sense.…and it gives people the skills to create incredible dishes on their own, as well. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people understand how certain combinations just always work— and taste so damn good!

A lot of people ask why I don’t do written recipes. I honestly believe that most written recipes usually cause more stress in the kitchen than they do good. Even as a confident cook myself, when I follow a recipe, and discard my intuition, I find myself doing a lot of second guessing and it ends up feeling more like a task than a pleasure.

My ultimate goal is to make learning how to cook fun, easy and effortless - and for every kitchen to be filled with a cool, confident cook creating delicious, interesting dishes. So I’ve created dozens of original recipes, and brought them to life with video classes to help my members learn and create in real time, with me leading the way.

All you have to do is watch, cook and enjoy!

Natalie Chassay